Content Production


A photographer herself, Barbi started Cosmopola to help others like her, and we’ve helped artists produce their work since day one.
Over the years, we naturally evolved with the market and our clients towards producing more film content. We met and worked with amazingly talented visual artists, photographers, videographers, animators, and creators throughout the past decade, most of whom we now call family. Together, we’ve helped countless ideas and stories come to life, and we’re mighty proud of the work and the awards we’ve won along the way.

Photographers at heart, we naturally have a soft spot for stop motion animation and animated collage art, and we love creating funny reels and GIFs!

As serious as we are about producing and the logistics of it all, we’re known for our stressfree and fun process. It’s our way of guaranteeing a positive outcome worthy of the content, the content maker, and its audience.

In the hands of creatives the future can only be bright!

Concept of Content

BUDGETING & Logistics

Location Scouting (photo/video)
Setbuilding, 3 D


remote shooting