– TAURUS, Annabelle Magazine


The deep, dark, humid and fertile soil, the field of beauty, richness. Passion and anger - that is your element. As a bull you are a hard working, very sensual and friendly appearance. Their red cloth should be completely natural from Hermes, gladly a Vintage Trouville but of absolutely highest quality. They are very fond of luxury goods, harmony and the beautiful things in life, which is due to Venus. The lovely Venus, which appears to us sometimes as a wondrous evening star and then again as a morning star, is your cosmic contact person in heaven and watches over beauty, love, her growth and her magical, enchanting seductive power, her feminine primordial power with a stylish eye. See that you do not fall for stardom. The body zone assigned to your sign is the neck, a wide reason for a decent foulard, which protects you from the rough pull of everyday life. Work on your flexibility, especially in your thinking, not only in your neck, and stay away from all forms of fanaticism. And from impatience. Better go to the garden.

A little of the Marie-Antoinette spirit "Let the people eat cake" is simply in your nature - there is no discussion about it. You love and honor the beautiful things in life and even a rather strict Saturn year won't change that. What can be very good, however, is that your value system will take a radical Marie Kondo cure (around the new moon you can let go especially well.) And connect with her true values, that which is close to the romantic arrangements of your heart and her heavenly girl boss, Venus. Live her sensuality - floaty dresses, floral prints in all shapes, lingerie and lace. Maccarons and scented candles for breakfast and above all: lots of radical #selflove

Famous Taurus: Ella Fitzgerald, Salvador Dali, Maria-Theresia of Austria ( Sissi ) Evita Peron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Malcom X, Cher, Gigi Hadid, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Streisand, Sigmund Freud, Bettie Page, Grace Jones, Veruschka, Katharine Hepburn, Cate Blanchet, Uma Thurman, Christian Lacroix, Donatella Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino Garavani, Lizzo, Janet Jackson, Adele,

Planet: VENUS Element: Earth Stone: Sapphire, Emerald Colours: All things flowery, pastels, soft pink,..GREEN makes the connection to growth&nature

by star astrologist: @_alexandrakruse_