In the hands of creatives, the future can only be bright.

COSMOPOLA offers talent and brands all the support they need to show the rest of the
world what we see in them. Our years of experience and the award-winning group of
artists and content makers we proudly represent make us the ideal environment for
both talent and brands to thrive, co-exist, collaborate, create and communicate.
We’re also fun to work with!
Simply put, if you have a story to tell or if you think your brand needs one,
if you don’t hate yellow if you like us and we like you–we’re here for you.


Barbi Mlczoch


(15 minutes read)

Initially a photographer, I grabbed my trusty yellow backpack and left Vienna in my early twenties, looking for more: more inspiration, diversity, opinions, people, advice, colors, and love? Maybe? I saw potential in a newly awoken Berlin that I decided to call home.

Throughout the next decade, I pursued my photography career; made new contacts in both the fashion and advertising industries, I also embraced the new; gave picture editing a try, managed a magazine, and ultimately found myself drawn to talent management.

Managing other artists and being constantly exposed to new work and different creative processes made every day unique. Caring about other artists’ careers instead of just focusing on mine made me feel good. I knew that I had found my calling.

In 2013 I started representing photographers, illustrators, and video artists I was a fan of. Today we’re a family of creative thinkers and makers, helping each other collaborate to better communicate ourselves, as well as brands we relate to.

In 2019 I was part of Adobe's mentorship program. I enjoyed sharing my experience, inspiring, and exposing a talented artist to cosmopola's network of creators and brands, so I decided to start my very own mentoring program! If you're a talented female photographer looking for a friendly push into the future, drop me a line!

I am Barbi. Together, we’re Cosmopola!

Family First! ♥

To provide more brands with turn-key creative solutions and take on creative briefs of all sorts, I (Barbi) went on a hiring spree! Victoria joined to help with social media strategy and influencer campaigns. She’s also a great booking agent and my cousin!

Nadim is a creative director with a background in branding and advertising, he was drawn to us because he believes the future is talent, we obviously agree!

Nadim is not my cousin, but we both wish we were.