COSMOPOLA’s goal is to build up a team of talented photographers, illustrators and moving image artists and help push them into the market. Cosmopola works from a cosmopolitan forward-thinking mindset, which anticipates the increasingly tightly woven connections between art and commerce, fashion and business. Cosmopola offers comprehensive support to artists, whether they are just breaking into commercial work, or are veterans of the industry by handling all the logistics, allowing the artist to focus exclusively on the creative process. Cosmopola wishes to see their artists flourish in the commercial art world and helps them continue making the world a more beautiful place with their images.

NEW! COSMOPOLA offers production support for freelance visual artists. We help you with your artist fee, production and cost negotiations and putting the top team together.
We offer creative business coaching and branding workshops and portfolio reviews.

Cosmopola is Adobe Menthorship trainer since 2019

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Barbi Mlczoch


Barbi Mlczoch. Let me introduce myself: I started as a freelance photographer back in 1996 after studying Photography at Die Graphische in Vienna. Born and raised in Vienna, Die Graphische was my clear choice of study. At the age of 22 I moved to Berlin.

Combined with my own photography, I gained experience as a picture editor and managed a magazine before I started working as an artist representative for almost a decade. I found myself naturally more in zen managing others than continuing my own photographic path. And yes, that was my call. In 2013 I created Cosmopola.

I decided to build up a group of talented photographers, illustrators and video artists. I am endlessly amazed and inspired by the creative beauty I witness every day and am deeply dedicated to enabling artists to share their vision. This became my life and still is an ongoing exploration.

Witnessing the amazing creativity is my drive. And it will never end.

In the hands of creatives, the future is bright.

Love Barbi



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