Visual Artists

Nadine Kolodziey

Nadine Kolodziey is a Berlin based graphic designer and illustrator.

A visual artist who combines her analog and digital visual language into a walk-in exhibition experience.

"An illustrator who believes in translating her life into her imagery, Kolodziey says she usually dances when she’s working. Her collaged pieces use melted plastic, creating a mix of graphics and sculpture." Wallpaper


Wallpaper* Magazine graduates of the year 2017
100 Beste Plakate
Illus_tratio Winner
It's nice that (ASC and Salto)
Scholarship Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
Scholarship Marschner Stipendium
Scholarship Moßbach Stiftung


Google official, Youtube official, Die Zeit, Cartier, Zeit Campus, Scoop Mag, Adobe, Nike for Hort, G-Star for Hort, Urban Outfitters.


SALTO #1 edition (GER), SALTO #2 edition (GER), Weekly Poster Catalogue (GER)
Live in Offenbach / Comicbook (GER/FIN), Kölner Klopfer/ HORT Poster (GER), The Drawing Club II / Poster CI (GER), Sneakerness/ HORT Poster/ (NL/CH/GER), It's nice that annual 2013/ After School Club (UK), Beni Bishof war krank / catalogue/ (GER/CH), lessons learned (GER)/ book/ (GER), Album, Magazin für Fotografie (GER)