Orderly Chaotic Studio

Two persons, one heart. Two heads, one vision. Opposites yet the same.

Orderly Chaotic Studio is the fruit of the combination of Federica & Alexander Roncaldier.

The name of our studio comes from our opposite personalities which fuel our creativity while keeping us balanced.
Chaos creates while order makes it happen.

Together we make fashion, music, commercial videos, short films, moving images and animations.

We are makers. We come up with fresh concepts. We realize them.
We are playful. We love to create a different reality each time.
We care. We are very hands on from the very beginning to the end.

We like to experiment combining different techniques (live action, stop motion animation, 2d animation, photos and digital art) and to build our own sets wether out of actual materials or digitally depending on the idea.

All this with lots of love and unique esthetics.
We live and work between Berlin and Milan.


Item M6, Shiseido, M Missoni, RCS MediaGroup, Rebecca Gioielli, Paladin True Srl, Kessler Gloves, MiAna Accessories, UCM Verlag, Ana Alcazar, Marcell von Berlin, Corriere della Sera Newspaper, IO Donna Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, HUF Magazine, A/SH Magazine, Araldi1930, Ministry of Equal Opportunities of Italy, 114 Emergenza Infanzia, Verba Agency (DDB world wide)