Visual Artists

Chantal Caduff

Chantal Caduff is a freelance collage animation & GIF designer currently living in Berne, Switzerland. It all started with her illustration studies in Brighton, England. Drawing quickly turned into overlaying snippets, and these snippets became dancing gifs that began flickering across the world. Caduff work has over 1.3B views on the GIF website Giphy and has already been able to acquire clients such as MTV, McDonald’s, Snapchat, Interscope Records, Farfetch, Paramount Pictures, New York Fashion Week!

Celebrating the weird and colorful, Caduff brings her imagination through collage animations and gifs to life. When asked herself how she would describe her imagery Caduff said: “My work is colorful, a little wild and with a touch of curiosity.”

Caduff has lived all over the world including the United States, Great Britain, and South Korea. Traveling is a passion for her and when she can't travel she creates her own beautiful little worlds she can escape to.

Chantal Caduff has worked as a creative assistant for MTV international as well as an editor, illustrator and graphic designer.

Caduff has been recognized for her work and featured in Amelia’s Magazine, Adweek, TheGuardian, Giphy, Design Juices. Winning awards such as the Penguin Random House Design Award and Gosee Award Winner category Illustration in 2019.


MTV, McDonalds, Interscope Records, Havaianas, Max&Co, NYFW, Papyrus, Spotify, Giphy, Paramount, Citadel Festival (and more)


Amelias Magazine, Adweek, TheGuardian, Giphy, Design Juices


Penguin Random House Design Award, Gosee Award Winner category Illustration in 2019.