Felix Müller

Meet Felix Müller, the Berlin-based lifestyle and people photographer. With a passion for capturing moments that was ignited during his high school years, Felix went on to study photo design at Lette-Verein, and developed his unique style. His work is fueled by curiosity and his search for the individuality and uniqueness of the people he encounters.

Felix's visual language is defined by a powerful use of natural light and shadow, creating striking, emotive images that capture the essence of his subjects. He's constantly on the move, exploring new cities and meeting people from all walks of life, drawing inspiration from the world around him.

What sets Felix apart is not just his incredible talent, but also his kindness and charming personality. On set, he's a caring and considerate presence, putting his subjects at ease and creating an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. For Felix, there's nothing more satisfying than expressing his visual vision while embarking on new adventures, and bringing his clients' stories to life.


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