– Hey there! This year is almost over! Woo-hoo! To turn our and your luck around,

Our super cool art director @matheazara and I decided to create a project for January 2021 where we give away...drum roll, please...

All you have to do to apply and possibly win, is to CLICK THE LINK forms.gle/yRWxMtdwdMzaPuDV6, answer some questions, press “submit”, cross your fingers and wait a tiny bit for the results! That’s it! Happy holidays and best of luck to you!!!

Submission ends 10.1.2021

Mathea @matheazara is a valuable member of the Cosmopola team, she is an extremely talented, knowledgeable and experienced art director from New York, who is based in Berlin and helps professionals level up their portfolios! Here is your portfolio reviewer Nr. 1!

My name is Barbi, Founder of Cosmopola @cosmopola_berlin . I am dedicated to finding perspective, friendly, unique talent (photographers, videographers, visual artists, DOP, art directors, you name it!), representing them and beginning a journey of exciting projects together! Many years of experience in this industry gave me a good sense of direction when it comes to portfolio reviews. So, I am your portfolio reviewer Nr. 2!

#winafreeportfolioreview 2021 #portfolioreview with @cosmopola_berlin @matheazara