– COSMOPOLA X YOGA - Barbi & Kathi

Hey, hey! I have a PRESENT for you! Merry Christmas! Christmas Time is time for personal projects created by Chantal Caduff and Frank Groll @ Cosmopola. Thank you!
My cousin Kathi and I (In the photos. Yes! We were THAT cute!) grew up together in Vienna and always had some mutual passions.
I guess all things considered, lockdown was good for something. One of those things was that I made it finally into her ONLINE YOGA classes!
As a present to you, we developed a series of small exercises that can be done before and after long virtual meetings (I know, we are masters of adapting!)…regaining inner peace and strength.
We want to make 2021 all about helping others recover and sharing strength and positivity!
Enjoy Yoga on your desk.
Before and After Meeting
I am more than sure you will enjoy it as much as we did! There is no downside! None at all! So, get comfy and start getting your power back!
P.S. You’ll get some extra karma points for helping out my cousin, who just closed/sold her yoga studio and who is building now her own classes, offering them via strydal:
https://my.strydal.com/t/katharina-wogrolly or follow her @kaywog_yoga