– SCORPIO, Annabelle Magazine


One could simply put it in a nutshell: Nothing human is alien to them. The wonder of existence, the joy of otherness, our unredeemed dark sides, the game of life and the dance of death. Death is their topic, no wonder, at the time of your birth everything in nature dies. To become a newborn again - "Die and Become" means that man recognizes his mortality and at the same moment after a new birth and union. The transience is deep in your bones, in your DNA - this makes it radically honest, reliable and to a large extent also devoted to selfless. But also opaque and in the worst case fanatical. The celestial body that protects you here on earth and then you can turn to in the dark night of the soul with confidence is Pluto, the master of change and transformation. Your task here on earth? The transformation of the dark parts into light. No more and no less.

You wouldn't believe how many people would secretly like to be a mysterious scorpion - simply because you - and for this you can thank your planet boss, the magical Pluto, from time to time - are better at transformation than most others. It doesn't bother you any more to stand on a smoking debris field next to rubble and ashes in her exciting red femme fatale dress from last night. Dealing with huge changes and an incredible will to live, these are her core competencies that would be very much in demand even in 2021. Just take good care of your secrets - Saturn brings everything to light! Unsparingly and without asking!

Famous scorpions: Pablo Picasso, Grace Kelly, Martin Luther, Marie Antoinette, Dita Von Teese, Chloe Sevigny, Jodie Foster, Kendall Jenner, Tilda Swinton, Hillary Clinton, Ryan Gosling, Leonardi Di Caprio, Rick Owens, Roberto Cavalli, Anna Wintour, Isabella Blow, Grace Kelly, Wiona Ryder, Björk,

Planet PLUTO Element: Water Stone: Beryl, Coral Colour BLACK, dark, mysterious and transformative

by star astrologist: @_alexandrakruse_