– PISCES, Annabelle Magazine


We had so much fun working on this horoscope star sign project together for @annabelle_mag ! And it went on for some time since we had a lot to deliver! 12 star signs + 4 moonphases as still and animation + mini star icons. We started at the end of 2020. I am so impressed by @augustynkaa ‘s productivity and creativity! Augustynka works from Bali at the moment. She went there quite spontaneous. She and her partner - were a bit fed up with COVID restrictions and bad weather. When they figured out how they can come to Bali, they quickly filled up the papers and bought plane tickets. I totally agree with her when she says that she thinks it was best decision ever! She is super productive and creative there. She doesn´t have many distractions from work. Also the time difference helps - it’s 7hours ahead so she is able to focus on the work before everyone in Europe wakes up. Besides that she is surfing a lot which is her second greatest passion and doing yoga! So taking care of her inner self is helping with her creative process. (Less stress always helps!). Especially on this astro magic project the spiritual Ania said there is no better place to be for her than Bali.
And for me..(Barbi..;) I got so inspired by the horoscopes of @_alexandrakruse_ that I started attending astrology lessons.

I especially love the current collage for pisces created by #cosmopola_artist @augustynkaa