– LIBRA, Annabelle Magazine


A coat should be made of camel hair, have a classic-modern cut and ideally by Max Mara. In this season possibly by Bottega Venetta. As a Libra you have a rather fixed but selfless idea of what you think is ideal. Philanthropic, a diplomatic philanthropist who is a pleasure to be a guest - who appreciates manners, loves beautiful things and says clever sentences. As long as you stick to your unwritten rules, remain true to their laws and principles. You demand compensation - at any price. that's just as well. Behind this is none other than Venus, the ruler of the fine arts, the highest form of love and the principle of beauty. It is no coincidence that the diverse cultures were inspired by the equinox around your birthday to regulate life in the community in harmony and banish evil. See that you don't lose touch with reality because of the balance and that you simply fall asleep on the ground during the yoga class. That would be a pity. Om Shanti.

Their taste is quite simple: from the very best. For you, the principle of the beauties of harmony simply stands above everything, which leads to the fact that one can argue with you simply insanely badly. You are a born diplomatic woman - the distinguished lady of the house, who conducts the really important conversations, determines what is put on the table and what falls under the table. 2021 wants you to see the Venus Principle in everything. The good in everyone. And to finally make something of your divine talents, because what do we need more than people who can mediate between the worlds? Just ask yourself the question, what would Gwyneth Paltrow do now? And yes, you may wear this insane silk morning coat all day long.

Known Libras: Mahatma Gandhi, Brigitte Bardot, Friedrich Nietzsche, Margaret Thatcher, Ralph Lauren, Virgil Abloh, Kim Kardashian, Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet,

Planet. VENUS Element AIR Stone: Opal, Tourmaline Colours. Libra best color is BLUE in all shades, Airy Pink and light blue, all things fluffy

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