– CAPRICORN, Annabelle Magazine


If you were an outfit, you'd be a razor-sharp-cut Jil Sander costume, early Nineties in just the right cool shade of gray with a fit that is stunningly accurate and to the point. But you are not. But you are an ibex, the king of the mountains, enthroned high above life. This means that at your birth it was probably very cold, all senses were drawn inwards, nature rested, gathered and the archaic soul of mankind longed for a sign of everlasting vitality - the rebirth of light. "The Only way is up" is the mantra according to which they align themselves. Unconsciously maybe, but come it how it wants, they find a solution - straight, humanitarian, concentrated. Your challenge in this life is of course to remain gentle and not to get behind all the conformist laws that life and especially the planet Saturn ascribe to you. Remain vulnerable and do not exclude from the outset what could secretly bring you joy. Even if you would not admit it in your chest out, stomach in look.

Famous Capricorn: Jeanne d`Arc, Marlene Dietrich, Richard Nixon, Eartha Kitt, Dolly Parton, Bradley Cooper,Janis Joplin,Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Michelle Obama, Kate Moss, Faye Dunnaway,

Planet: SATURN Element. EARTH Gemstone. Ruby, Lapis Lazuli

Colour: Brown and GREY, Stone colors