– CANCER, Annabelle Magazine


At the time of her birth, the sun was at its highest point, and all of nature was transformed into a single, sheltered womb. One would not do you an injustice if you were also described as "maternal" - but it would be wrong to reduce this adjective only to your ability to bear children. You take care with loving devotion of just about everything that deserves your trust. Earthworms by the wayside, the neighbor's flowers, the worries of others - if you would realize that a. it is an enormous achievement to have such deep compassion and master the art of intuitive care in a confusing world like ours again and again and b. you have to apply the same love for yourself. They are allowed to blow their armour from time to time, simply to be able to grow - preferably all by themselves, otherwise the universe takes over and they sink in an emotional flood, the famous sea of tears. Take care of yourself, learn from the moon and above all be a good mother to yourself!

Moon child, beautiful like a lotus flower, sensitive like a mimosa and moody like no other! Born as a crab, her element is water, they love when everything flows - including her mother-of-pearl to pastel-colored robes. You have only one problem with 2021 and that's Saturn - the planet that controls pretty much everything, is super strict and very hard on top of that, is pretty much everything you can't stand. You can either sit in your shell all year round or do it like the grain of sand that turns into a pearl. Work on a hard shell, that protects its soft core! And stop wrapping yourself in absorbent cotton - try SS21 Anne Studios look - sleek, but soft!

Known crabs: LADY DIANA, Antoine de Saint-Exupery Pamela Anderson Angela Merkel, Giorgio Armani, Courtney Love, Ariana Grande, Sylvester Stallone, Nelson Mandela, Cyndi Lauper, Elon Musk, Meryl Streep, Nikola Tesla, Jerry Hall, Gisele, Debbie Harry, Pamela Anderson,

Planet MOON Element WATER Stone: Emerald, Moonstone Colour. All Things magic, silver moon and ocean - from pearl to orange, their focus is often on domestic and family issues, Cancer is a sign synonymous for a BRIGHT beautiful bridal dresses – the gown worn in white! Elizabeth Emanuel is best known for her work creating Princess Diana’s iconic look on her big day.

( Vera Wang, Elie Saab, Alice Temperley and Oscar De La Renta are all cancers - me too!!)

by star astrologist: @_alexandrakruse_