Frank Groll

Frank Groll’s universe of imagery is cutting edge, still images blend into a stunning cosmos with his moving images.
All based on state of the art technology , Frank translates a shooting situation with lightning speed into a truly strong result, based on deep empathy for the model and clients needs.
Frank is always pushing the envelope to expand visual imagery forward, incorporating the latest technology.
Frank is based in Berlin, 39, and the funniest, sharpest German you will ever meet.


Viacom, Airberlin, Alsterhaus, Sony, Item m6, Chantier, Telecolumbus, KaDeWe, Porsche, Hornbach, Adobe, Motorola,
Pro7/Sat1, BSR, Lego, DVR, Swisscom, Jägermeister, Veolia, Peter Kaiser, DZ Bank, Pfaff, Oberpollinger, P+S Cine Equipment Manufacture, Osram, Unrath-Strano, Wow Tech, Sitzfeldt

Heimat, Jung von Matt, Track, Scholz & Friends, Ogilvy, Keko, Antoni, Im Mai, Kakoii, Johanssen + Kretschmer, Dorten, Leo Burnett, Akqa, lautvonleise