– “/ləv/”

You should flirt with life, with things that pique your interest…“
Congrats and thank you @denizalaca for creating, directing this magic short film, you did so well! Great film & photo content!
I am moved by your words @thetaylorsele

“/ləv/” - a short film which reflects different layers of being in love.
Filmed in in early February, 2020

“/ləv/” an intense feeling of deep affection

Director / Photographer: Deniz Alaza @denizalaca
Creative Director / Co-Director: Ara Barzingi @curvesanddots / @zahd.create
Cinematographer: Andrew Cashin @andrew_cashin
1st AC: Jadzia Erskine @jadzia_dp
Editor: Francisca Wistuba @franciscawistuba
Colorist: Jerome Thelia @jeromethelia
Stylist: Vickee Yang @veryvickee
Talent: Taylor Sele @thetaylorsele
Music: Supervision by HearDis
Sound Mixer: Brian Lindgren @bklindgren

#flirtingwithlife #love #passion #denizalaca #photographer #director #cosmopola_artist