– BJÖRN EWERS Cinemagraph Campaign for BONPRIX new year

Fall is almost here... but don't forget about the other seasons! What do you do, when you want to create something that has rarely been used before and want to have fun with it? You call Björn Ewers and the rest is on the team. We are so happy to share the cinemagraph campaign we shot for BONPRIX. All over Hamburg these days. Shot in and for the new #bonprix Pilot Store in Hamburg City. A whole new and innovative shopping experience, that's definitely worth checking out! Seeing Björn using different techniques on set to create amazing footage made us thrilled! The good energy, the nice people on set and the fun activities in between is what makes me love my work. Thank you guys!

Client: @bonprix
Photographer: Björn Ewers @studyo_314 represented by @cosmopola_berlin
Executive Production & Casting: COSMOPOLA Barbi Mlczoch @cosmopola_berlin
Production Assistant: Victoria Pernter @victoria_pe
Senior Creative Director: Martin Kielmann @
Digi OP: Fabian Rockenfeller @fabianrockenfeller
Hair & Makeup: Chiho Schwarzer @chihoschwarzer @blossommanagement
Styling: Tessa Münchow @tessamuenchow.styling
Styling Assistant: Katharina Kosellek @_kosellek_
Set: Thomas Beecken @beecken
Models: Camilla Lehmann @camilla.lehmann, Laura Seibert @laurasseibert, Sigrid (Handmodel) Alex Kvackajova, Kristina Melnikova @melnikovakristina @modelwerk Catering:@pinkcarrotcatering

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