Watch out all virgos out there! by AUGUSTYNKA - Horoskope magic for ANNABELLE


Nature suspects winter, although it is still months away, with the first fog a delicate veil of transience lies over everything. One suspects that summer cannot always be summer - and hears you louder and, above all, more than others - the urgent, intellectual voice of reason, which warns us that it is time to take precautions, to sort and gather things. That they can be fussy and laborious, a kind of personified Marie Kondo, the organizational talent that has become a human being - injustice! It is her deep, inner need to bring things into harmony and healing. Thanks to Mercury, they find it easier to think than others. They have a crystal-clear mind and love the play between the outside world and the I, this secret space in which man reinvents himself again and again. Say goodbye with a deep bow to the path of least resistance, only to please others and continue - your thing. According to your logic. With nail scissors, a magnifying glass or whatever you need for your personal order.

You would probably be happiest if your life was the Jaquemus show in the blooming lavender fields of Provence. Noble linen, ripe apricots, golden ears and very special light. They are of a very particular and very elegant modesty - a little bit of Florence Welch, a little bit of Iris Apple - like to have big prints, beautiful fabrics but in any case: Precisely processed, delicately printed. In no way aloof, but rather special. Her love of perfection will really come in handy in 2021 - because the planet Saturn also loves to take a close look at things. Spend as much time as possible in nature and connect with the earth - its element.

Famous virgins: Beyonce, Leo Tolstoy, Ingrid Bergmann, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Cameron Diaz, Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, Claudia Schiffer, Freddie Mercury, Sophia Lauren, Tom Ford, Stella Mc Cartney, Amy Winehouse, Nicole Ritchie, Great Garbo, Iris Apfel,

Planet MERCURY Element EARTH Stone: Carnelian, Jasper colors: All ecofreindly Earth Tones, Browns and Greens - keep them grounded and focused on growth

by star astrologist: @_alexandrakruse_