I dreamt about Putin the other night.

Here is what I remember:

..That there should be different advisory marketing teams that advise Putin on his next strategies and I was also elected to be part of it then we drove all dressed in black straight to Moscow. It was exciting. Then when I got my 15 minutes slot with Putin, I was really pleased how well he can speak German and I remember telling him: „Putin, see its really simple..my solution to your situation is you make peace and say sorry, step aside to make room and ask one of your daughters, you have really talented smart ones I am sure to take over. my solution we can get out of the dilemma. No one will be angry with you and with your daughter as your successor, she will have a feminine political approach where she solves things with no war, since this a bit old fashioned. You know the new generation is a bit more modern in their thinking and his will do Russia some good. And you sit back and relax and be proud of your daughter. "

After that I woke up and...
Obviously he didn't listen to me.
Where are you Putin´s daughters - talk to your dad! Please! And ask for peace.

#peaceplease for #ukraine for the world #animation #cosmopola_artist @chantalcaduff produced by @cosmopola_berlin