ILKA & FRANZ for #luftauflöser Bye-bye Blähbauch. Hallo Luftauflöser. | Lefax® intense

When I first got the inquiry, we thought it will be the normal process of a Shooting: @ilkafranz will travel to Berlin to be on set. As the pandemic goes on, travel restrictions haven’t been lifted and Ilka and Franz couldn’t join us in person. We had to come up with another plan.

Our professional artists are used to work remote, but a situation where neither the photographers nor the filmers are on set was a whole new world for us. Instead of giving up, we took the challenge and came up with a successful remote flow.

We pulled together a perfect team, had great energy on set, and spent some lovely days together.

One of my happiest moments was after the shooting when I found out that I could recycle the set 100%. These guys from „Collective Fraktion Nimmersatt“ came and now our set is part of a festival event and turned into a bar.

We are happy to share the first video of the campaign. There’s more to come.. fun videos all about air... bloating... FARTS!! For @bayerdeutschland / @lefax.deutschland! Shot in Berlin with @cosmopola_berlin

Directed by, @ilkafranz ~ @cosmopola_berlin
Production: @cosmopola_berlin
1st AD: @victoria_pe
DOP: @jonathan_ibeka
1st A/C: @malteschwind
Lighting Assistant: @_danielschwarzer_
Wardrobe & Props: @mareenaland
Make-up/ Hair: @katharina_handel ~ @basicsberlin
Nails: @effynails
Set Build: @beecken
Food Styling: DvonK Karsten von Kuczkowski @basicsberlin
Talent: Limon ~ @modelfabrik_berlin, Rebecca ~ @ostwesting, Josephin @josihamm~, Baby: Ivy Lou @ordelychaotic
Edit & Grade: @antoine.gourlez

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