Cosmopola - Andrea Wan - item_m6, "Earthy Delight“

– "Earthy Delight“ by ANDREA WAN for item m6

"Earthy Delight“ (2021)
by @andrea_wan c/o @cosmopola_berlin
Paper Cut Out
30 x 40 cm
Ink on Paper cut out. Done on watercolour paper.

We absolutely love Andrea’s interpretation of Women Loving that she created exclusively for ITEM m6. “I wanted to create a piece that embraces femininity and its depth through botanical elements, and to celebrate our innate relationship with nature. The orchid is my favorite flower and it’s a classic symbol of the feminine, like in the paintings of George O’Keefe. I integrated the colour pink, as well as slightly different skin tones in this piece. I think sensuality is a big theme from some of these hands and flower pieces I’ve been doing. It kind of creates an imagined sanctuary for women to feel safe in their body and explore their sensuality.”

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