– It’s a wrap! Thank you Cosmopola artists! Thank you Cosmopola clients 2020! #thankyouteam #cosmopola_artists @cosmopola_berlin

It’s a wrap!

What a challenging year it’s been! But challenges are important for growth. And Cosmopola has grown a lot this year! So many shoots and projects took place this year, and none of them were ordinary or just simple. Each brought their own challenges, opportunities, and invaluable knowledge that made us stronger, wiser, and even more broad-minded.

With that being said, the most important part of this year was staying safe, keeping others safe, as well as keeping creativity alive! This is what Cosmopola is about - staying creative and professional while having fun with a nice team!

Speaking of a team, Cosmopola is growing in this sense too! We want you to always have fun with us! Because when you are having fun, the results of your work reflect it! Nice, easy-going (but, of course, professional) team is what we want to maintain throughout the years. And for now, we’ve been doing a pretty damn good job at it! Every member of the Cosmopola team brings something unique to the table, and it shows! We are proud to be so diverse, eager to learn, to expand, and to be surrounded by such inspiring people. You know what they say...If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together! And we are here for the long haul!

Thank you cosmopola_artists! Thank you cosmopola clients 2020! #thankyouteam

Cue slow motion running towards an even better year, year 2021!