Cosmopola - Francesco Lo Iacono - Me
Cosmopola - Francesco Lo Iacono - Me

– I am so proud to be part of the portrait gallery of FRANCESCO LO IACONO - portrayed in my favorite colors!

I am so proud to be part of the portrait gallery of FRANCECSO LO IACONO - portrayed in my favorite colors! Thankyou! #cosmopola #barbiportrait

Happy to share this with you, too!

Check out the Interview here.. thanks Francesco! for your great questions!


It's been a while since I had the pleasure to interview someone for my blog. With the series of interviews that I have done so far, I have always aimed to give useful resources to other fellow creatives who daily navigate the fashion (illustration) industry. I have been approached myself before with questions about how to make things work as a freelance illustrator, and it's something that I still experience every day.

So, I thought I could interview Barbi Mlczoch, founder of artist management agency Cosmopola, based in Berlin, as she could offer another point of view of what's being an illustrator today. I hope this interview could give some advice to any illustrator willing to reach out to an illustration and photo agency.


Question Nr 3:

What is the toughest part of being an agent?

The toughest part is to keep up with everyone; clients and artists on a personal level. I wish I could beam myself from one place to another, to be on multiple locations in one day, like being on a shooting in London and the next moment being with a client in Munich for a business lunch.

I especially believe in the power of a business lunch. To solve the situation of wanting to have a business lunch in another city in Germany without the hustle of driving or flying there, I came up with the idea of virtual business lunch.

That´s how it works: we sit in front of our screens with Skype to see each other and eat together in different towns, me in Berlin, the client in Munich, for example, and it's fun!