– Glo

Ilka & Franz directed and shot some funky product videos for Glo! More to be released throught next year. Ilka & Franz proofed to be excellent  DOP and directors. What a creative great couple! So lovely to work with. Cosmopola produced and was very much involved in the production. We all had a very nice team time together on set for 5 days in studio Berlin. The true star of this production was Biszko the new cute dog of Ilka & Franz who experienced his first time on set!

Director & DOP: Ilka & Franz @ Cosmopola
Production: Cosmopola GmbH
Set Design: Hendrikje Bernhoeft @ blossom management
Set Assistant: Stephan Bolz @ blossom management
Wardobe Styling: Leonie Volk
Hair & Make-Up: Anna Buvinic @ basic management
Nail Design: Rachel Foreman/ Effy
Assistant: Daniel Schwarzer
Hand Models: Charleen (Indeed Models), Daniel (Ostwesting Models), Rebecca (Izaio), Phil (Kultmodels), Eunice (Handmodels), Mack (Ixme)

Don't forget that smoking kills!