Frederike Wetzels

Frederike Wetzels is a Berlin & Cologne-based photographer, working all over the world. Following graduation in 2011, she began her career shooting and photo-editing for music, pop culture and street-wear magazines.

Frederikes’ recent visual obsession is mixing translucidity, bending and shapeshifting abilities. She approaches the world with a compelling and revolutionary visual enthusiasm, combining visionary energies, which are multilayered and diversified.

Her agility defends a unique aesthetic position with a true and truthful signature style. She deploys the camera as a brilliant facilitator and expands the view of the observer with distinctive colours. Frederike’s collaborative workstyle is smart, lissom and transcends the here and now. Her feminist signature sci-pop photography focuses on fashion, music, advertising and portrait. The chromatic character of her work juxtaposes the loud with the subtle and always demands attention.

She highly influenced the visual style of the music magazine Intro, and worked as a picture editor for many other magazines mainly focusing on music and fashion. Frederike approaches the world with her photographic art as holistic and sustainable, adding a specific spice to it: her idealistic genius, complex happiness and joy. She exhibits her photographic work, lectures, holds workshops and teaches photography/photo editing at the University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund (since 2017).


AnnenMayKantereit, Antilopen Gang, Arthur Verocai, Big Ballermike, Bilderbuch, Bruce Dickinson, Charlotte Roche, Charli XCX, Chris Imler, Chuckamuck, Coma, Danger Dan, Das Paradies, DJ Heroin, Die Nerven, Dolores Haze, Dua Lipa, Efdemin, Ellis May, Frank Schätzing, Fred Frith, Fritzi Ernst, Gazelle Twin, Giant Rooks, Glass Animals, Goldroger, Hazel Brugger, Helena Hauff, Helge Schneider, Hercules & Love Affair, iO Tillet Wright, Isaac Gracie, Kid Simius, Jan Böhmermann, Ja, Panik, Let’s Eat Grandma, Linkoban, Laurie Penny, Lafawndah, Leon Löwentraut, Lxandra, Mac DeMarco, Margarete Stokowski, Maul Cosplay, Me and My Drummer, Michael Mayer, Mirella Tivegal, Naaz, Neil Gaimann, Nilüfer Yanya, Pantha du Prince, Pierre M Krause, Pina Atalay, Phil Collins, Pixx, Rachel Foxx, Ratking, Roosevelt, Sampa The Great, Scientist, Serdar Somuncu, Shahak Shapira, Signe Pierce, Sophie Passmann, Stabil Elite, Stefanie Sargnagel, Slotface, Sun Ra Akestra, Swan Meat, The Screenshots, The Slow Show, Tommi Schmitt, Tourist, Veedel Kaztro, Vimes, Viv Albertine, Wandl, Wildes, Woman, Yungblud, Zeal & Ardor, Zedd and many more.  


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AD Architectural Digest, ADAC Urlaub, Arte Magazin, Business Punk, Baumeister, Capital, DB Mobil, Die Epilog, Dogs, Donna, Emotion, Festivalguide, Fluter, Der Freitag, Freundin, 11 Freunde, Gentle Rain, Galore, Harvard Business Manager, Intro, Manager Magazin, Mint, Missy Magazin, Musikexpress, Myself, Neon, Nido, NZZ Am Sonntag Magazin, Praise Mag, Rolling Stone, Refinery29UK, Spiegel, SpiegelWissen, Stern, Subbacultcha, Süddeutsche Zeitung Publishing, SZ Magazin, taz, Vice, Vogue, Das Wetter, Wirtschaftswoche, ZEIT, ZeitCampus, ZeitLeo, ZeitMagazin, Zweikommasieben and more. 

photo editing/Lectures

As a lecturer for photo editing at the University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund (since 2017), photo editor for Praise Mag (2016 - 2020), replacement photo editor for Musikexpress, Rolling Stone and (2019), photo editor and an art director for Intro magazine and Festivalguide (2012 - 2018) and as an assistant photo editor for Neon magazine (2012).