Deniz Alaca

Deniz Alaca is a German-born photographer and has always had a photographer’s spirit from a very young age. At the age of 12, she picked up a camera and hasn´t taken it out of her hand ever since. Capturing images with an artistic eye, she found her passion through a camera lens. Alaca is currently based in New York City using the bustling city streets as her outdoor photon studio.

Alaca has an enthusiastic ability to use natural light to create her particular visual identity to communicate her visual language, marked by a kind realism in harmonic compositions. She has a very intuitive way of working. Although her creative process starts with casting and location scouting, she still has sparks of spontaneity during her creative process.

Alaca photography embodies positive energy and soulful authenticity. She takes a great deal of inspiration from her network of friends. Friends who happen to be models, influencers, and actresses. Alaca says, “I have this huge circle of women around me. I love it! When I was first starting out, I assisted a female photographer, I worked with all-female women I shoot mostly women. It’s the only way I know works. It’s different, and I know that because the models tell me it’s different working with me. I feel like it’s the biggest compliment. If I succeed in making the models feel comfortable that day, that’s all I want. It’s the in-between moments. I want to capture the pure, authentic beauty. I don’t want the posey, sexy, stuff. I want the moments you miss if you don’t pay attention to it. That takes a lot of practice and time. I also never retouch the skin. I like scars, I like stretch marks. It’s cute, I would never retouch those away. It’s frustrating as a woman in this industry being underestimated all the time.”

She uses New York City as her daylight studio. Grabbing inspiration from the energy of the city and the people that live and fill the spaces around her. Taking this spontaneous approach to casting, Alaca loves asking the people of the New York City streets if she can photograph them.

Alaca enjoys nice people, good food, conversations, sunshine, and everything that involves art and design. Alaca is known for her attractive qualities of being funny, positive and chatty by nature. Her ability as a photographer is aided by her amazing personality trait to relax people by combining soul-touching talks and photography.

Alaca prefers on-location shootings versus studio settings. She does no retouching to her images, presenting you raw and very real visuals. She recently discovered her passion for motion and easily transports her natural authentic street glamorous still photo style into motion driven by passion.


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