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We are a network of fantastic visual artists with a strong vision and have a hands-on production service mind.
Based in Berlin - we bring your photo or film story to life. We originally come from a photography background, however, over the years, we are producing more and more film content encouraged by our clients. Our passion number one when it comes to film is stop motion animation. We have gained a lot of experience and are proud to have received several awards for our work! Our most recent successful project is influencer campaigns, from research to performance execution.

Let´s bring your story to life!

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Russia...bears on unicycles and babushkas. But really, what do you actually know about Russia? Maybe the fact that it has more time zones than any other country in the world? Or that Russian is one of the five most spoken languages in the world? Or perhaps that Tetris game was invented there? Maybe you know that Russia has a lot of very creative, talented, ambitious (and the nicest!) young people, some of whom I had the chance to work with! Let me explain.

So, the stars aligned and Adobe came to Cosmopola agency with a proposition to take over a project for their Russian market. It sounded exciting and very, very challenging. So, naturally, it had to happen!

The project consisted of finding extraordinary creators and Social Media influencers in Russia and getting them to participate in various projects for Adobe. Those included advertisements for Adobe’s special offers in Russia, promotion of Adobe Russia website, and even bringing attention to the worldwide Adobe Max 2020 conference! In order to make that happen, Cosmopola worked closely with a selection of Russian influencers to create amazing work that included photos, illustrations, animations, videos and even a live stream!

The collaboration didn’t stop there! Cosmopola provided Adobe team with visual material for their newsletters and banners, with post-project analytics, as well as Copywriting services for their Russian website.

All of this was made possible with a tiny team of three. It was a small team that delivered truly big results. Success of the project was reflected in the numbers. It was the first time for Adobe to be connecting to the Russian market, and the numbers matched one of Adobe’s biggest, established markets!

We’ve learned a lot along the way, we learned fast, helped create some amazing art, we simply delivered! Be sure, Cosmopola will provide you with what you didn’t know you wanted!

In more technical terms, here were our objectives:

Russia Influencer Content Creation & Posts - Demand Creation for CC

Russia Influencer Activation - Awareness & Registrations for Adobe MAX

Influencers generate locally resonating content specific to Russia that is used for Paid Media, Email,

On top Influencers post on benefits of CCI/CCP in their respective Channels

We’ve tackled such responsibilities as:


(Execution of content ideas, influencer scouting, contracting, reporting)

Creating the Strategy

Market Research

Concept Development

Sourcing the talent
 - Artist Management

Asset Creation - Art Direction (Graphic Design, Visuals)

Newsletter Creation

Content Budgeting




Ах, Россия! Страна с самой длинной железной дорогой, самым большим количеством часовых поясов, самым глубоким озером в мире и родиной тетриса!

Россия также является домом для многих талантливых авторов и инфлюэнсеров, которые задают тон творческому потоку этого поколения.

Я рада что мне посчастливилось очень тесно посотрудничать с некоторыми из этих авторов в рамках проекта для Adobe!

Изначально это был пилотный проект, который превратился в серьезный проект для их российского рынка, включая рекламу всемирной конференции Adobe Max и работу для сайта! Как и в случае с любым пилотным проектом, вы можете не знать, что именно вам нужно и чего вы хотите. Агентство Cosmopola справляется с такими задачами особенно хорошо!

Сказать, что проект был успешным, было бы преуменьшением. Наша крохотная команда показала отличные результаты, и по пути у нас была возможность встретить самых приятных, талантливых, умных и трудолюбивых русских криэйторов! Было приятно погрузиться в эту невероятную культуру и получить некоторые уникальные навыки! Посмотрите, что мы сделали для проекта Adobe «Творчество для всех»!

Your Shot Your Story
Adobe Creative Cloud / photography plan 2021
Spontaneity is everything to Berlin-based photographer Helin Bereket, who captures colourful moments as she comes across them. After studying Architecture in Istanbul, Helin discovered her love for vibrant photography and has never looked back. Working with Helin, we created a series of beautiful videos and tutorials, spotlighting her story and showcasing how Adobe Lightroom can truly enhance the magic of colour.

Creative Director: Daniel Vargas Dìaz
Senior Art Director: Tasnim Bhuiyan
Photography Marketing Manager: James Covenay
Video Production Agency: Kings&Kongs
Talent Agency: Cosmopola
Creative Agency: Torpedo

#remoteshooting - yes we can!

Corona did teach us to learn new skills, and we are using them! It was a magical great experience! #wepioneers #remoteshooting #photographershootingfromhome

Imagine a world where everything is digitalised, where physical contact between people is prohibited, but a passion for creation is inevitably pulling them together. Oh, wait! It is the reality we live in!

Yes, the time has come for the future to become the present. Our circumstances might be difficult, but great things must be created, people must be inspired, and I am extremely proud to be one of the pioneers in this tricky thing called remote shooting!

So, what do you do when a client, a photographer and models are all in different places, even in different time zones? You bring almost all of it online, without compromising any of the 3 C’s, we provided Connection, Communication, Creation! We even gave it a name - Remote Concept!

So, let me dive into it a bit more. Funnily enough, I went on a shoot with Frauke last week, but I didn't even leave my desk ...;) The shoot took place remotely because our celebrity model was in Seattle and the beauty customer is from Japan. So we moved in 3 time zones, I'm now a vampire ..;) Customer, photographer and model were not in the same place, so triple remote ...

It was all very exciting, especially for me, and full of success! I am so happy that my concept has worked because initially Frauke wasn’t completely convinced. But now everyone is super happy! 2020 is already “exciting” as it is, and it doesn't seem to stop, I'm constantly learning new things.

In the end Frauke Fischer looked at the images while making the selection and thought they looked exactly as if she took them on location herself!

The client had a direct look at the images and Frauke was the only one communicating with the model, she was next to the model on an iPad!

How about that?! Look at the images Cosmopola has produced and tell me you would never guess they were shot this way! Remote light setup, remote art direction, photo selection, remote, remote, remote! We did it!

Corona did force us to learn new skills, and we are using them well! It was a great, magical experience! #remoteshooting - yes we can! #wepioneers #photographershootingfromhome


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